New Photography: Death Project

I’ve recently completed a photography project that I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

It’s called the oh-so-inspiring “Death Project” which is (loosely) influenced by my absolute love of the creepy sister’s Death Project in Ginger Snaps.

OK, it’s actually nothing like their death project, I just like the name and love the deadpan montages.

Anyway, here are the photographs, which are also available to purchase as prints from my Crated store

It’s no bed of roses

Side skull with flowers optimised

Teeth and death

Skull-with-flowers optimised

 Weeping sunflower

Skull-with-sunflower optimised

Single dying Sunflower

Upside-down-skull-with-sunflower optimised

It’s been so great to finally get these finished, and it was surprisingly therapeutic arranging a sheep’s skull with dried flowers. If you’d like to support my work, head over to my Crated Store now!

Have you been working on any photography projects recently? Let me know in the comments.

Valentine’s Day | Strange Gifts for Strange Girls

strange gifts for strange girls

I admit it. I’m strange. And over the years I’ve embraced my strangeness and love for the weird and wonderful. This has also spilled over into the gifts that my nearest and dearest give me, like the sheep’s skull my boyfriend got me one year. It’s still a treasured possession.

So, if you’re a strange one like me and you don’t know how to tell your partner that chocolates and flowers don’t really get your heart racing, or if you’re in love with someone who is a little quirky and you have no idea what to get them, then this last minute Valentine’s Day gift guide for strange girls should help you out.

1. Tooth Necklace Etsy

Strange girls still like jewelry, but they’re not overly fussed about how many carats something has. This real human tooth necklace from Etsy seller BoneJewelery would make a perfect token of affection. It’s mounted onto an oval polymer backing to ensure the tooth doesn’t rot away.

2. Globe Ring by Dandelion Jewelry

Diamond rings do not impress strange girls. We still like our statement jewelry, but it has to be weird. This globe ring with real dandelion seeds is both glamorous and allegorical  – something to fuel your loved one’s imagination.

3. Beetle Scarf

Some people wear horse prints, others like insect prints. I know which camp I fall into. If your girlfriend doesn’t like anything cute and fluffy then this Beetle scarf from Not on the High Street will make a unique Valentine’s gift. Beetles actually use their mandibles to battle with other males for female affection so there would be some romantic intent with this gift.

4. Lolita Lempicka Midnight Couture Black Eau De Minuit Eau De Toilette

Perfume is always a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, but this Lolita Lempicka perfume smells gorgeous and the bottle is beautifully gothic in design. It’s perfect for those who collect unique perfume bottles.

5. T.U.K Anarchic Viva Mondo Velvet Punk Boot

The one and only gift on my list that features the colour red. As red is the official colour of luurve it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day gift guide without it!

So red might not be your girlfriend’s favourite colour, but these velvet boots from T.U.K are perfect for alternative girls – and being red they’ll symbolise some semblance of romance.  Shoes are still a girl’s best friend after all!

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