Made Bread & Butter Pudding

Some of the stuff I get to do at work is pretty awesome. Like visiting my local Sunrise care homeĀ in Esher to take pictures of this beautiful creature:


Not only does Sunrise Senior Living let their residents have pets, but they’re also famed for their delicious food. So whilst I was there I picked up a free recipe card to make bread and butter pudding.

Bread and butter pudding recipe card

I bought all of the ingredients locally and even managed to use up some of the white bread that was going stale.

This really is one of the easiest puddings I’ve ever made so it’s scored big points with me (aka, someone who dislikes slaving over a hot stove when they get in from work).

Anyway, here’s how I made mine.

Stage one: prepping the bread

I started by cutting the crusts off of 8 slices of bread (two more than stated to fill my baking dish) and buttered each slice. I then laid enough bread to cover one layer of the dish and sprinkled raisins evenly over each slice. I then repeated this with the second layer until the dish was full:


Stage two: creating the sauce mixture

In a separate bowl, I whisked together two eggs and 20g of caster sugar until a golden/pale yellow colour.

Into this mixture I poured 60g of milk and 20g of (half fat) double cream. Once folded together, I poured this over the layered bread:


Stage three: cooking

Once you’ve done this, it really is just a case of putting it in the oven and playing the waiting game. I set my cooker alarm for 30 minutes because we have a fan assisted oven, but you might need to cook your pudding for the full 40 minutes.

And voila! Here is the bread and butter pudding fresh out the oven:


It really is that simple to cook.

My pudding was all puffy and gooey when it first came out the oven. But don’t worry if it deflates; it’s supposed to do that.

Don’t forget to serve your pudding with vanilla custard. I had Alpro Soya Vanilla Custard with mine because I still prefer the taste to dairy custard.

The verdict

The eggs gave the mixture a souffle texture which was yummy, and the brown sugar added a sweet crust to the top layer and outer edges.

For a pudding which took little effort to produce, this is a pretty good week night pud to whip up for your friends and family.

October Fashion Wish List: Moon Dweller

This month I’m digging:

Moon Dweller Fashion board

Although Halloween is a mere few days away, I’m feeling a lot less spooky and more inspired by the moon and the starry nights. I’m crushing hard on moon and stars prints and nomadic inspired skirts and long-line cardigans. I’ve called this collection “Moon Dweller” because it brings together my love of the twinkling sky and enduring wanderlust.

Here’s where you can buy my Moon Dweller wish list.

1. Luna Sunglasses

The sun has well and truly disappeared, but I desperately need these shades to shield the low winter sun. And, what else can I say, I’m a stargazer. You can buy these shades by Wildfox couture from Dolls Kill here

2. Sun Moon Stars Crop

I already have the dress of this print, but I think this strappy crop will look beautiful under the chunky knit cardigan. You can buy this from Motel, here

3. Crochet Black Astra Duster

Delicate crochet and longer than your average cardi, if I was feeling wreckless, I would definitely buy this. It goes with absolutely anything and the wide sleeves hark back to the 70s. You can buy this from Dolls Kill, here

4. Silver Glitter Flatform Sandals

I still have so much love for platforms. The flatform sole on these look dangerous but I’ve always found wedges and platforms so much easier to walk in than other heels. And, they’re glittery. Shoes imitating the stars. Life imitating art. I need these now. You can buy these from ASOS, here

5. Lace Embroidered Maxi Skirt

I’m not overly keen on boho chic because I think it creeps into too many high street stores in the summer. But, I’m willing to make an exception for this skirt. When it gets colder, I tend to live in trousers, but this skirt is so versatile and would look awesome with the sandals and crochet cardigan over the top. You can buy this skirt from ASOS, here

What’s on your wish list this month?

Introducing RagnBow: My Handmade Accessories Online Shop

It’s here. It’s finally here.


I’ve launched my online handmade accessories Etsy shop. I’m currently selling a set of ten gorgeous men’s adjustable bow ties. Here’s a taster:

All bow ties are made from high quality fabric. And I’m also able to make custom orders for weddings and parties.

Take a look at my current collection.


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