My 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts This December

I’ve seen other bloggers write Instagram roundups and I love the idea. I might make this a regular thing if people like it.

If some of you hadn’t noticed, Instagram is my favourite social networking site. I like it because it puts emphasis on visuals and I enjoy working around the restrictions of the media to create beautiful shots.

There are so many amazing instagramers out there who are genuinely talented and don’t just rely on a filter to make their photos look good. Whilst many of the people I follow capture everyday scenes, I also follow people who are artists, designers, crafters or just everyday IG’ers. Here are my top five instgrammers from this December.



Ingrid Petrie is behind the handle @ingridpetriedesign. She’s a graphic designer based in Scotland who sells prints of cute and whimsical designs.


stuck with pins instagram

I first came across Corinne Alexandra via her blog, also called Stuck with Pins. She’s a designer. illustrator, photographer and a collector of the macabre. I particularly love how she frames her bone collections for interesting shots.



Carly Morris is one of those instagrammers who uses her account to share her professional photography. Her feed is packed with delicate macro shots of water droplets clinging to petals and tiny insects.



The @skull_society bio reads “Welcome to a world of skulls” and their posts definitely deliver on this. From, graffiti to paintings and from illustrations to sculpture, if the subject matter contains a skull, the Skull Appreciation Society will post it.


nicholas goodden

Nicholas Goodden is probably one of the most talented urban photographers I’ve seen recently. Oh – and he’s been named in the Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers. Rather than capturing a building or structure in it’s entirety, Goodden exploits unusual perspectives to make us see our everyday surroundings differently.

If you’re following a particularly talented instagrammer, why not share in the comments below.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Stuck for gift ideas for a friend or loved one who likes cats?

As a crazy cat woman myself, I have a pretty good idea of the types of gifts a cat person would love to unwrap on Christmas day. And some of these gifts aren’t just for humans because, what better way to get to a crazy cat person’s heart than through their cat, right?

1. Cat-olpoly*

In my family, playing a board game is the only thing we can bring ourselves to do whilst in a Christmas dinner induced coma. So if you’re looking to buy a board game for someone who owns a cat, Cat-opoly is the purrfect choice,


Cat-opoly is the cat version of Monopoly. Instead of buying houses in London, players can buy their favourite breed of cat, collect litter boxes and trade them in for fish bones and land on cat nip to win everything in the middle of the board. I got mine from Presents for Men who sell all sorts of quirky and fanciful gifts for men and for women.

2. Cat slippers*

To complete the look of any crazy cat lady, cat slippers are a necessity.


I love these knitted cat bootie slippers from Find Me a Gift. They’re warm, colourful and the soles don’t feel like it’s going to wear away in a week!

 3.Cat grooming products*

It’s unfair that  cat owners are stereotyped as smelling of cat wee and tuna! OK it’s partly true, partly fiction.

But with these delightful smelling cat grooming products, you’ll be giving your chosen cat person the gift of sweet scented fur babies.

cat grooming products

I love the Pet Head range. I got the fizzy kitty mousse and de-shed me shampoo from The Company of Animals. Both made Mick smell lovely – once I eventually managed to coax him into the bath!

4. Cat scotch tape dispenser*

Anything that’s cat shaped and useful is essential for me. I love this cat scotch tape dispenser that I got from 3M Scotch


It’s been really useful at this time of year, what with wrapping dozens of presents and it’s made a great addition to my harem of kitty trinkets!

5.Cat tea tray*

If your loved one has a lap cat, a lap tray for their prime puss will stop the transfer of irritating cat hairs onto their favourite clothes. I love these cat print lap tray from Bobbin & Co. It’s available to buy from Amazon


As I do a lot of crafting and sewing, this lap tray is ideal for getting things done whilst binge watching my favourite TV series on Netflix.

6. Cat bed

If your cat crazy friend is tired of sharing their bed with their moggy, give them the gift of a good night’s sleep with a brand new cat bed.


I like this black and grey hooded igloo from Pets at Home. I find that cats prefer cave like spaces they can crawl into, so a bed that allows them to hide in is perfect.

7. Cat tights

There’s an assortment of crazy cat lady tights out there. What better way for cat lovers to show their appreciation for the species than adoring their pins with these fancy feline prints. I’ve listed a selection of my favourite styles:

Lazy cat illustrative cat tights

lazy cat illustrated tights

I love the style of the cats on these. And the way that they’re draped down the leg. You can buy these from here

 Cat heart print sheer tights

cat print tattoos


These tights are great for warmer days. And they kind of look slightly tattoo-esque. You can buy these for £6.38  from ChicaNova ! Might have to buy these myself.

Stripy cat print tights

stripy cat tights

These stripy tights are so cute. The cats even have their own bow ties. You can buy these from YesStyle

8. Cat clothes

What do cat people like to do when they’re not playing with their cat or talking about their cat? They like to dress up as a cat. Treat your pal to a pretty cat-inspired party dress this year.

velvet cat party dress

I love this velvet bodycon dress from MissGuided – perfect for the party season.

9.Gourmet Organic Cat Food*

A happy purring cat puts a smile on any cat owner’s face. Why not treat their favourite feline to some fine dining – organic style.

Mick absolutely loved this natural salmon & chicken cat food from Fourthglade, who have been making delicious cat food in Devon for over 40 years.


forthglade cat food


Unlike regular cat food these actually smell appetising and it’s good to know that nothing artificial has gone into the manufacture.

10. Cat toys

If your friend or loved one’s cats are anything like Mick, I imagine they get bored of their toys very quickly.  Why not buy their pet something interesting to play with. I like this Kitty City Mouse Hunt from Pet Planet:


This toy promises to drive kitty crazy with jingle balls and a plush toy to stimulate a cat’s natural hunting instincts.

11. Cat bag

You can never own too many (cat) bags. I’ve got my eye on this beautiful black sleeping cat cross body bag from ASOS.

sleeping cat cross body bag

The ears and silver eye details are so cute! This bag is the ideal evening bag for the recipient to wear with their favourite festive frock.

12. Cat craft

An observation I’ve made over the years is that cat owners tend to be crafters too. Why not get them a new project to keep their paws busy. This pawsome Grumpy cat cross stitch pattern from MooseTreeStitches on Etsy is funny and it will impress instagram followers once finished.

grumpy cat cross stitch

13. Cat donation

If you’re really stuck for ideas (or if the person you’re buying for couldn’t possibly need anymore cat) a donation to a local cat shelter will make a great gift.

You can find your local cat shelter via the Cat’s Protection search page
cats protection make a donation

Cat’s Protection carry out tireless and thankless work for the UK’s cat population. As well as donations, they also offer the alternative of sponsoring a cat. You can sponsor a kitty from as little as 19p a day.

14. Cat art

If the cat lover in your life still has wall space left to display more cat pictures and art, then this Grumpy cat print will be the perfect addition to hang in their home.

grump cat geek print

This print is available to purchase from one of my most favourite online stores in the world, Ohh Deer

15. Cat jewellery

Buy your mate some cat themed jewellery to cover up all of the kitty scratches. I particularly love Tatty Devine’s Cat Bangle (I’ve already got the matching ring):

tatty devine cat bangle

It’s £30, so a little on the pricey side. But it’s made in the UK so it’s good to know that you’ll be supporting British business.

If you’ve got any other awesome Christmas present ideas for cat lovers, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them to the blog.

Merry Christmas!

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