Creative Crush: Candy Shock UK

I’m back. Sorry for taking too much time away. I’ve had a few technical issues to sort out.

I thought I’d come back with a new feature that I want to run on the blog: creative crush. This is going to be a monthly feature of artists, designers and generally creative people that I’m crushing on.

This month it’s Etsy store Candy Shock UK run by Ruth who is an old friend of mine. Her work is so vibrant I thought it would be a great way to brighten up my blog.

Ruth’s creations are inspired by candy sweets and rainbow colours. In fact the colours are so potent it’s almost like her jewelry has been injected with E numbers. Additives or not, I’m hooked.

I recently bought this beautiful crescent moon necklace set because I’ve always been fascinated with the moon and the various shapes it takes over the months. I also love stargazing and anything to do with space.

two together

close up big moon

As part of my creative crush feature, I’m hoping to catch up with the artist. Luckily as I know Ruth, she was able to give me a little information behind her work.

Here’s what I asked Ruth.

What is your inspiration?

A: My work is influenced by candy/candy shops, circuses and fairgrounds, Roald Dahls’ Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, the weird and wonderful, festivals and anything colourful.

ruth rings

Which brands, designers and styles are you a fan of?

I love all things quirky, kitsch and kawaii, I’m a massive fan of Tatty Devine, SkinnyDip London & Lime Crime Make-Up. My favourite fashion icons are Raquel Reed and Audrey Kitching.


Have you got any new lines coming out?

A: I have been experimenting with laser cut acrylic and hope to incorporate it into a future jewelry line. I’m currently in the process of planning the theme

I’m pretty excited to see what Ruth does with acrylic. As she already takes inspiration from Tatty Divine I’m expecting something amazing.

If you want to see what is happening with Candy Shock UK you can can stay updated by following Ruth on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you bought any nice jewelry lately? I’d love to see some pictures in the comments.

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Cute and Spooky Halloween Decorations

“When we’re together, darling, every night is Halloween”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. All Hallows Eve. Black is in abundance, the shops are covered in cobweb and everything is just that little bit spookier. I definitely look forward to October 31st more so than Christmas.

Every year I have to restrain myself from buying all of the decorations and keeping them up year round. So instead of turning my house into something from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I thought I’d put together a blog showcasing some of the cutest and spooky Halloween decks that you can get for you house and Halloween party. And who knows; perhaps you’ll love them enough to keep them up year round?

Creepy Cobweb Serving Dishes


Bowl  with straws

three bowls

These tri-colour spider web serving dishes* could easily become part of the “guest china”. Why use paper plates and bog standard bowls when you can buy some Halloween themed crockery? You can get tbese for a very reasonable price from Aldi.

Why not put some sweets in to dish out to any trick or treaters?

Spooky Scented  Candles

witches brew candle 1

Candle light should be the only light on Halloween night. This delicious smelling patchouli Witches’ Brew candle* encapsulates autumnal smells and will spread a sweet aroma around the house. Available from Yankee, I love the witchy design and the scent lingers long after blowing it out.

PartyLite Candles

Partylite candles close up

These candles are from PartyLite and we’ve enjoyed lighting these around the house for the past month. The wax is in black and white  so they’re perfect for a Halloween party – or to add to Gothic decor in a room. They’re from PartyLite’s Forbidden Fantasy Luxury Collection* with six combinations of decadent scents including:

  • Magnolia and jasmine forms a deep, lasting bond with black plums and currants.
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa bean captivate with a squeeze of sweet orange liqueur.
  • Blackberries and black currants wrapped in the warm embrace of spice, cedarwood and tobacco
  • white grapefruit and violet meets the lustful allure of musk and rosewood
  • White florals  with rich fruits and musk
  • light florals with  warming amber and sandalwood

All six smell good enough to eat.

These candles are so exclusive that you can only get hold of them through Independent Consultants. But if you don’t know your local consultant, you can search by postcode on the website to locate your nearest representative.

Cute Ghostly Bunting

My Little Day Bunting

Bunting pieces

Bunting instructions

This Halloween garland* so fun to put together. Everything from the card to the string is all provided so all you need is a pair of scissors to assemble it. Simply pop out the ghoul, cat, bat and pumpkin, tie them to the length and drape them for all to admire.

You can purchase these from My Little Day as part of a Halloween Birthday Kit. There’s so much more cute and amazing stuff on their site. You’ll probably lose a couple of hours looking through all of their stationary and decorations as you’ll never have seen anything like their products before – I warned you first.

Frightening Figurines

Aldi Skeleton DJ

I love this silly skeleton. It’s a DJ skeleton* which plays a mix of the Munsters’ theme tune and other spooky sounds. And you get purchase this from everyone’s favourite budget supermarket….Aldi! It’s really well made and takes AA batteries. It’s something you can keep and bring out again again each year. Only £7.99 from any Aldi store.

Terrifying Wall Art

Bats on wall

build your own skeleton

These artistic pieces of wall art are available to buy from Not on the High Street. The cute bow tie skeleton is something you can have fun assembling and the wall bats can be stuck anywhere in any formation allowing you to create your own wall display.

Moderately scary masks (more cute than fear inducing!)


Really cute and simple masks* from my new favorite store, My Little Day. If you’re not enthused by Halloween these bat masks are the perfect accessory for any fancy dress. And they’re great to hand out at parties. There’s eight in a pack.

my little day mask

Are you going to any Halloween parties? Have you made your own decorations?

*products with an asterisk were gifted but all opinions are my own.

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