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What I’ve Got My Dad For Father’s Day

For birthday’s, Christmases and other national holidays, I always try to outdo the gift I got for someone the year before.

But this time I thought I’d stick with a few Father’s Day cliches and tried and tested present favourites.  I’ve gone for classic styles and good quality choices.

Here’s what I got my Dad for Father’s Day.

Something To Wear

My Dad is the sort of man who always wears casual clothing. I thought I’d treat him to a more expensive tee than what he would usually buy. I really liked this navy Howich crew neck t-shirt that’s 100% cotton. It’s a classic staple with a smart pocket, and the good quality jersey material will mean it can be a go to classic for a fair few years.

I found this on House of Fraser’s website as a preselected Father’s Day gift. It was really helpful to see so much choice last minute as I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick this up at their store.

close up father's day t-shirt father's day t-shirt 3

Something Homemade

If you didn’t know already, I make and sell bow ties. I’ve got my own little Etsy store called RagnBow that I’m pretty proud of.

I know bow ties have become a cliche gift but my Dad will appreciate something I’ve made myself. My Dad likes tartan so I selected a green and blue tartan check and turned it into a beautiful bow. I’ve got some fabric left over and I’m now selling this limited edition item online too.

tartan bow tie

Something To Drink

Usually I get my Dad a few bottles of his favourite tipple. But, seeing as my Dad is a real ale drinker and because I have a year’s experience working in a real ale pub, I remembered that you could join a club to show your appreciation of the traditional brewing process. CAMRA (which stands for the Campaign For Real Ale) is an independent voluntary organisation campaigning for real ale in community pubs and for consumer rights. Their aim is to champion great quality real ale made the old fashioned way and to ensure it’s available in every local pub. They’re doing a pretty good job as over the last ten years (or for as long as I’ve been able to legally drink!) I’ve certainly been more aware of a real ale resurgence.

CAMRA members get benefits like discounted entry into national beer events, information on new products as well as other discounts on popular brands.

With the membership I also bought the 2016 Good Beer Guide which was a decent deal for £32 all inclusive.

good beer guide camra membership

I’m sure he’ll be pleased with this mix of goodies. What did you get your Dad for Father’s Day?

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Eyeko Skinny Liquid EyeLiner Review (Free With Instyle Magazine)

I can’t believe how awesome some of the magazine freebies are these days. They’re mostly full-sized beauty items – and they’re not cheap either.

I recently bought InStyle magazine because of the free Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner. I live in thick black eyeliner. I’ll probably be buried wearing eyeliner so this was a magazine freebie not to be missed.

But before I parted with my cash,  a quick Google search told me that Eyeko products aren’t tested on animals and the brand as a whole “are against animal testing”. And this product in particular is vegan friendly. I didn’t need anymore convincing.

eyeko make up

When I took the cap off I was thrilled to see a thick nib. I cannot stand those spindly applicator brushes as it’s impossible to draw a straight line across your eyelid. This is why I’ve been a die hard fan of Barrie M’s liquid eyeliner for years, but I’m starting to find that it isn’t as long wearing as it once was.

drawn eyeliner

The application

The application of the Eyeko’s liner goes on smoothly over the top of my eye shadow and the thick nib makes it incredibly easy to draw my preferred “Amy Winehouse style” flick.

closed eyes fresh make up

I’m pretty impressed with the precision and the control I’ve achieved first time.

close eyes sideways

I’m not one to spend ages on my face in the morning, so including applying my moisturiser, powder, eye shadow and eyeliner, I had barely passed the five minute mark. So far so good.

The eight hour test

I don’t re-apply my make up throughout the day, nor can I be bothered to wear make up that needs to be reapplied so if an eyeliner can mostly stay put, I’m impressed. Here’s what my eyes looked like after a full day’s work:

after 9 hours

You can see that it has transferred to the lids but the structure of the line is in tact with some vibrancy. Therefore I would agree that it is a long wearing liquid liner. It hasn’t smudged as much as the cheaper brands.

full fake with make up

Overall, I’m really pleased with Eyeko’s liquid eyeliner. I’ve actually been using this everyday since I first tried it and my Barry M liner has fallen to the bottom of my make up bag which usually means it has fallen out of favour with me.

This product currently retails at £12.00 – double the price of what I usually pay for Barry M. But I’m willing to spend more because the quality and precision outweighs what I normally use.

So if it wasn’t for my current magazine addiction, I would have never been introduced to this brand. Spending £4.99 to receive a full-sized product which usually retails at £12.00 was definitely worth it.

*I bought InStyle myself and all opinions are my own.
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