Pretty Personalised Products for Cats

This is my cat, Mick

Optimized-This-is-Mick (3)

Sometimes, he can be a very messy eater. Like this:


No matter which dish he uses, his food always ends up all over the floor. Sometimes meters away from his bowl. I don’t know why. Perhaps he gets too excited by kibbles. But either way, I was getting fed up with stray, hardened cat food on the floor.

Cat Food Placement Mat

So we decided to buy him one of these. A personalised, cat placement mat from


It’s exactly what we needed. Instead of having to scrap food off the tiled floor, we can easily wipe spillages off of the laminated placement. Or put it through the washing up at the end of the night – not whilst we wash our plates and cutlery mind!

It was also a very reasonable price for something that’s personalised. And even though Mick is a cat I like to think he knows when I’ve treated him to something.

And that’s not the only personalised gift he’s received recently…

Personalised cat name tag

Mick used to lose a collar every single month, and with that, his name tag too which was getting quite costly. That’s when we transferred over to a flea collar with a more secure fastening. Once he had been able to keep a collar for more than a month I decided to get a special name tag for him.

He’s chipped, but I think that even in this day and age it helps to have a cat collar with a name tag so people know he’s not a stray and that he’s a beloved family pet so know not to steal him!

I bought him this cute cartoon cat name tag from


The tag has his name printed on the front with a personalised message engraved on the back reading:




XXXXX XXXXXX – I’m not stupid enough to publish my home phone number on my blog!

In the past 4 months since he’s had his new name tag, he has lost his collar only once. But thanks to the personalisation, a neighbor was able to return the collar and name tag too me.

The collar might undergo a great deal of stress and strain, but the tag hasn’t been chipped or scratched by the many bells he wears on his collar to alert the birds of his presence. It’s definitely a high quality item and I recommend getting something adorable like this to identify your cat.

He looks rather smart, don’t you think?

Mick name tag

*items mentioned in this post have been gifted.

New Photography: Death Project

I’ve recently completed a photography project that I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

It’s called the oh-so-inspiring “Death Project” which is (loosely) influenced by my absolute love of the creepy sister’s Death Project in Ginger Snaps.

OK, it’s actually nothing like their death project, I just like the name and love the deadpan montages.

Anyway, here are the photographs, which are also available to purchase as prints from my Crated store

It’s no bed of roses

Side skull with flowers optimised

Teeth and death

Skull-with-flowers optimised

 Weeping sunflower

Skull-with-sunflower optimised

Single dying Sunflower

Upside-down-skull-with-sunflower optimised

It’s been so great to finally get these finished, and it was surprisingly therapeutic arranging a sheep’s skull with dried flowers. If you’d like to support my work, head over to my Crated Store now!

Have you been working on any photography projects recently? Let me know in the comments.

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