Good Vibes With Karma Cola Soft Drinks

One of the main changes in my quest to have an even healthier lifestyle was to quell my intake of fizzy, artificial drinks like diet coke.

At one point, I was cracking open one of those cans every single day which wasn’t doing myself any favours.

So overnight, I stopped. I stopped going next door to the shop to get my fix of aspartame and other unpronounceable nasties and increased my intake of water. Goodbye daily headaches.

Although, the lack of fizz has left a hole in my life I’m afraid to say. I have the odd Gin and Tonic, but I miss my vodka and diet coke.

But, to my rescue came Karma Cola. A purveyor of soft drinks that are kind of good for you and good for their growers. They’re the only Fairtrade organic cola in the UK and the company has set up a foundation to help their farmers in Seirra Leone. And for every bottle made, proceeds are given back to the growers’ families to help them re-establish their lives following the country’s civil war. So it’s sort of a soft drink with a purpose.

They have a small range of lovelies including, Gingerella, Lemony Lemonade and, of course, Karma Cola. They were kind enough to send through a trio for me to try.

three bottles karma cola

Pretty packaging is always a plus for me. And being able to see the colour of the beverage, which isn’t hidden inside a tin can fills me with confidence.

karma cola bottle design close up

I was apprehensive about trying Karma Cola just in case I liked it. I know that sounds strange but my main love for diet coke was it’s zero calories. Karma Cola does have some calories but you have to weigh up whether you want to fill your body with toxins or healthier calories.

back of karma cola bottle

The Soil Association and the Fair Trade seals of approval are reassuring and keep confusing me as they’re on a fizzy drink – how is this even possible?!

And the cola itself is from an actual cola nut (which is a real thing, who knew!) grown in Sierra Leone.

Karma Cola: the taste test

So what did I think? Well, I absolutely loved the taste of Karma Cola and finished it off rather quickly so take from that what you will. Although it does contain sugar, the sugar is unbleached so there’s a lot less tampering and bad things inside your drink. I imagine this will go rather well with a vodka.

Now that I had established a taste for the cola, I thought I’d wait for a sunny Sunday afternoon to try the rest.

lemon and lime

Gingerella is made of all natural ingredients too and tastes exactly the same, if not better, than old Jamaicans Fiery Ginger Beer. I added lemon and lime to my drink for extra zing.

drink prepared without Mick

The final verdict? Much yum. I’ll definitely be having these again. And I’ve just found out that they are sold at my local supermarket.

YRU WishList: Give Me All the Shoes

I’ve been after a pair of YRU’s for aaaaages. But I really struggle to find UK stockists of the pair I want in size threes! Stupid children’s sized feet!

So for this reason, I’ve put together a wishlist of all the YRU shoes I desperately want. If only I could find them in my teeny tiny size.

YRU Wishlist

As you might have noticed, there’s a bit of a theme going on here… I’m a bit obsessed with moons and stars (so pretty).

Not only are all of YRU’s shoes, boots and sandals beyond flippin’ gorgeous, they don’t use leather. Most people think leather is a hallmark of quality but I’m all about design, pzazz and cruelty free – and YRU ticks all the boxes.

So, here’s how much they are and where in the UK you can get them (where possible):

  1.  So, apparently it’s really hard to come across the Raze boot, especially the quilted variety. I only recently got my hands on a pair of the maroon ones. They’re a size too big, but still, cute. I think you might be able to pick these up on ebay if you’re lucky.

  2. The beautiful Craft Moon and Stars Ankle Boot. I need these in my life. I couldn’t find any available to buy in the UK, but you can get them from Dolls Kill. These would well and truly get worn in.

  3. The “24 Hours” shoes. The right shoe is a stitched depiction of daytime, whilst the left is nighttime. I suspect these are from an older collection, which is why they’re quite hard to come by in the U.K. The only site that still has them in stock is the YRU site itself, at 34.81 Euros.

  4. Jem Glitter Boot. These are £87 from NastyGal, but if you shop around you could probably get them cheaper.

  5. I love these beautiful, witchy aura boots. Currently on sale over at asos for £42.00

Have you got any YRU shoes? Are there any others I should add to my wish list? Let me know in the comments.

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