Monday, 21 April 2014


I'm super excited to be blogging my first fashion post here at Secret Diary of a Scavenger.

I can't believe I haven't shared anything like this before, especially because fashion is a huge part of my identity.

I'm one of these people who literally wears their personality. From bold animal prints to self-bleached denim, I don't shy away from pattern, colour or brashness.

But I'm not one of these people who blows their wages every weekend on bland, over priced items in  the high street shops. I prefer to go thrifting.

This activity, as you might have guessed, links up with my passion for scavenging. I like nothing better than rummaging around in my local charity shops for unique items at fair prices. And as I'm not bad with the sewing machine, I can alter anything that I like to fit me. 

Anyway, sorry to waffle. Here are my most recent purchases from my local good will.

Outfit One

Just in time for summer, I snapped up this cute bow print jumpe and up-cycled denim shorts combo:

Shorts: £3.99, Jumper: £2.99

I'm absolutely in love with the full-length chunky zip on these shorts!


Outfit Two

My second find was this up-cycled strapless a-line shirt dress in a candy stripe

Shirt Dress £4.99

Outfit Three

My third and final find of the day is this beautiful bow print play suit, originally from H&M.

Playsuit: £3.99

It's a little big but it will only need some simple alterations.

Altogether, I've spent around £16 on three decent outfits for summer. You'll be hard pushed to buy at least one quality item from a high street store these days.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 43 | The Last Unicorn

Animals and animated fantasy films are two of my most favourite things, and The Last Unicorn has to be up there amongst the best in the niche genre (a genre invented by me):

Jeff Bridges also provides narration too - another massive bonus!

Another one of my favourite Unicorn themed films is Legend. In terms of technical effects and make-up, I think it's yet to be surpassed:

Although, the true star of the film is Tom Cruise's teeth:

I guess one of the clauses of joining Scientology is getting your teeth fixed.

Anyway, on one of my walks I wrestled with brambles, tussled with thorns and fought my way through tree branches in the hope that I'd catch a glimpse of this beautiful creature: The Last Unicorn of Milbrook:

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 42 | Saharan Smog

I've been up early most of this week trying to catch a glimpse of the Saharan smog before it disperses.

It's been foggy, but I haven't seen any evidence of the storm. No sand on top of my car like others have reported, but I have got a vile cold so if that's what the sand has brought with it then I'm not very impressed.

Anyway, I managed to capture the morning dew before it evaporated. Here's a layered image:

1/125 s